Season 1 of American television family comedy Step by Step aired on ABC.

Synopsis Edit

After impulsively getting married while on holiday, Frank Lambert and Carol Foster decide to see where their new romance takes them. Frank and his three children move into the Foster home with Carol and her three children, where the new step parents work at creating a cohesive family unit, along with adjusting to suddenly being step-parents to three more kids.

Episodes Edit

  1. Pilot
  2. The Dance
  3. Rules of the House
  4. First Anniversary
  5. Frank & Son
  6. Pulling Together
  7. Yo-Yo's Wedding
  8. Just for Kicks
  9. Into the Woods
  10. Mixed Messages
  11. A Day in the Life
  12. The New Car
  13. Getting Organized
  14. Home Alone
  15. Drive, He Said
  16. Bully for Mark
  17. The Boys in the Band
  18. School Daze
  19. Country Club
  20. Daddy's Girl
  21. He Wanted Wings
  22. Beauty Contest

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