The second season of the family sitcom as Step by Step which originally aired on ABC from September 18, 1992 to May 21, 1993. The season consists of 24 episodes.

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  • Sasha Mitchell is upgraded from a recurring cast member to a series regular.
  • Patrika Darbo and Peggy Rea are no longer appear in the series.
  • Staci Keanan is absent for 1 episode.
  • Brandon Call is absent for 1 episode, though he appears in an additional scene.
  • Suzanne Somers is absent for 1 episode, except one very brief scene.

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Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
23 1 S.A.T. Blues Joel Zwick Matt Ember September 18, 1992 447901
When Dana goes to take her SATs, Cody joins her. He explains that every month he does something new and this week he is taking the SATs. Dana does very well - 91st percentile, but Cody does better. Dana cannot accept this and insists that they both take it again. Dana improves her score, but Cody still beats her - she is infuriated. Cody is not happy with his impressive results because he worries he will be expected to become a brain surgeon. Cody and Dana later decide that their lives may take them on unexpected paths. Meanwhile, the others kids borrow Frank 's clothes, forcing him to find a solution in order to prevent this.

  • Note: Kathy Kinney, who is famously known to play as Mimi Bobeck from The Drew Carey Show, guest stars as the S.A.T. proctor.
24 2 To B or Not to Be Joel Zwick Meredith Siler September 25, 1992 447902
J.T. has a test coming up at school on Shakespeare. So Carol convinces Frank to help J.T. study. Frank and J.T. first try a tape but that gets lost. They soon discover it's all about sex and violence, and stay up all night studying. In the morning, J.T. is sure the test will be easy, because of his studying; however, J.T. receives a bad grade. Carol and Frank talk to the teacher and discover that she gave J.T. a bad grade because she thought he would not know the material because he is a jock. Carol is infuriated, and makes the teacher sit down and regrade his test. He gets a B+. Mark and Al don't appreciate their new materials subjects.
25 3 Stuck on You Richard Correll Howard Adler and Robert Griffard October 2, 1992 447904
JT wants to date a girl way out of his league and goes to Karen for help. When, Al becomes friends with a girl her age and the girl's father, Frank gets jealous because he feels like he is losing his daughter. Also, Cody joins an human fly competition.
26 4 J.T.'s World Richard Correll Julia Newton October 9, 1992 447903
In a nod to Wayne's World, J.T. starts his own local Public-access television show, J.T.'s World, where he hires Cody as his sidekick. J.T. gets more than he bargained for when he invites a pretty classmate, Lisa (Elizabeth Berkley) onto his show, but she falls for Cody instead. Also, Frank and Carol let differing answers on a compatibility test get to them.
27 5 It's a Dog's Life John Tracy Matt Ember October 16, 1992 447905
Al and Brendan agree to take care of a neighbor's oversized St. Bernard for the weekend, but the job quickly becomes more than they can handle. They get further annoyed when they learn the neighbors have decided to move away and no longer want the dog; however, Carol is overjoyed because she has fallen in love with the dog. Eventually, Frank puts his foot down and tells Carol to take it to a kennel.
  • Note: Patrick Duffy's previous series is referenced. When Frank's doing a crossword puzzle, he can't figure out a Texas city with 6 letters. Carol tells him the answer; Dallas.
28 6 The Boss James O'Keefe Howard Adler and Robert Griffard October 23, 1992 447908
Dana learns a humbling lesson about being the boss and overseeing a group of employees when she is given a managerial job at a 1950s style restaurant. She was too bossy and controlling, so Karen and J.T. quit; and, so do the two cooks, who only wanted the job so they could see Karen. Frank and Carol decide to take over their jobs, but Dana quickly resumes her condescending demeanor. The parents set her straight, and Dana corrects her attitude. Also, Mark invents a machine which can detect if you lie or not.

  • Note: Carol told Frank the restaurant reminded her the 1973 movie American Graffiti directed by George Lucas. Frank added that he was still looking for the Blonde in the T-bird, who was actually portrayed by Suzanne Somers herself.
29 7 Model Daughter Richard Correll Chuck Tately October 30, 1992 447906
A modeling job in Chicago may be Karen's dream come true — and the worst possible news for overbearing mother Carol. So, Carol tags along on Karen's photo shoot and meddles at every possible turn. Karen makes many new friends during her new job, which is cut short after one of the other models (who had also taken a modeling job as a teenager but never got to enjoy the other things in life) convinces her to stay in school and be a teen. At home, Dana — then all the other kids — come down with the flu, and they quickly make Frank their butler. At the end, Frank is the only one who suffers from flu.
30 8 Someone to Watch Over Me Jeffrey Ganz Bob Rosenfarb November 6, 1992 447909
Dana's new boyfriend is Mike Walters, whom — through the rumor mill — Frank suspects is out for nothing more than sex. Despite his misgivings, he allows Dana to go out on a date with "Mike the Mover". Still feeling uneasy about Mike, Frank gets Cody to drive him to Make-Out Point (where the two have gone to enjoy the moonlight and kiss). Frank — having passed up Cody's ridiculous idea of dressing up in a beaver costume to spy on the two — decides to climb into a tree to get a closer look, but the branch breaks under his weight and he literally drops in on them. Dana is embarrassed, but when Mike shows up the next day, and tries to get her to go upstairs with him, she is infuriated, and Frank immediately kicks him out. Also, J.T. asks Brendan to wash Frank's car.

  • Note: Suzanne Somers is not in this episode, except the first brief scene.
31 9 The Making of the President Richard Correll Ernest Banks November 13, 1992 447907
Annoyed that only dorks and geeks — in particular, Dana — are running for class president, J.T. announces he is running for class president. The campaign divides the Foster-Lambert home, and things are made worse when J.T. (having run on a campaign where it is suggested that regular students' needs aren't met) actually wins. J.T. at first puts up his bravado, but eventually wilts under the pressure and, having a new appreciation for the responsibilities that being class president brings, decides to turn over responsibilities to Dana.

  • Note: John Mallory (Asher from Weird Science) appears in this episode.
32 10 Virgin Territory Judy Pioli Julia Newton November 20, 1992 447910
J.T. and Cody get dates with two girls that have "easy" reputations. The girls invite them back to their house, and Cody, who wants to hold onto his virginity until he meets the right girl, leaves. This upsets both girls, and J.T., who eventually realizes that Cody is right. Meanwhile, Frank is driven crazy when he is put on a low-cholesterol diet.
33 11 Back to Basics Judy Pioli Joe Fisch December 4, 1992 447911
When a long-overdue video is found under Brendan's bed, Carol takes things to the extreme and imposes a severe crackdown on family spending. The children refuse to cooperate, so Carol goes tit for tat and takes everything away. Brendan is unfairly blamed, and when his siblings' alternating silent treatment and verbal abuse become too much, he decides to run away. Naturally, he doesn't go too far — he stays in Cody's van. Cody eventually exposes Brendan's whereabouts, and Frank and Carol help their youngest child realize that he wasn't to blame for anything.
34 12 Boys Will Be Boys Patrick Duffy Matt Ember December 11, 1992 447913
Frank deals with a high school classmate named Scooter (Philip Charles MacKenzie), who still hasn't grown up after nearly 25 years after graduation. Meanwhile, Cody wins a turkey — a live turkey — in a supermarket raffle, and deals with his conscience when he is asked to have it butchered.

Note: This episode marks Patrick Duffy's Step by Step directorial debut.

35 13 If I Were a Rich Man Richard Correll Julia Newton January 8, 1993 447917
Cody learns that a recently deceased elderly resident of the local nursing home had bequeathed to him $250,000. When the Lambert and Foster children begin pestering Cody for a share of the inheritance (to spend extravagantly), Cody decides to give all but $500 of it to the nursing home. Cody spends the other $500 on a new video camera for the family (after the cheap one Frank purchased breaks down in spectacular fashion).
36 14 Happy Birthday, Baby Judy Pioli Meredith Siler January 15, 1993 447912
Dana wants to celebrate her 17th birthday with a no-adults-allowed bash. When Frank and Carol say no, Dana decides to rent a hotel room for her fun. It turns out Frank and Carol decide to spend a romantic weekend in the same hotel — in a room directly across from Dana's suite. This naturally leads to conflicts. Also, Karen and Al get into a huge fight when Al screws up trying to wash Karen's blouse for a big date. In a parody of The People's Court, Judge Cody listens to the evidence ... and determines everything worked out well, as Karen's date loved the new look of the blouse.
37 15 One of the Guys Mark Linn-Baker Richard P. Halke January 22, 1993 447916
Frank is looking for a replacement on his contracting crew... and may have to hire a woman. Meanwhile, Mark and the others play the stock market.

  • Note: This is the first of three episodes in the series in which Melanie Wilson guest starred in. In this episode she plays the character of Aggie.
38 16 No Business Like Show Business Richard Correll Matt Ember February 5, 1993 447920
J.T.'s World becomes a huge local hit, drawing the attention of a national television syndicator. J.T., sensing a huge windfall about to come his way, agrees to go along with the new producer's suggestions (including firing his siblings), and begins neglecting his schoolwork and speaking freely to his parents. In the end, J.T.'s dreams of success are ruined when the producers hire actors to play both J.T. and sidekick Cody. A humbled J.T. starts focusing on his school work, and apologizes to his dad. Also, Frank and Carol begin to draw nude models, which annoys Frank.
39 17 Love, Port Washington Style Richard Correll Scott Spencer Gordon February 12, 1993 447918
Dana gets in a foul mood after her boyfriend dumps her right before Valentine's Day. So, she works a double shift at the 50s cafe and soon meets up with a boy that is the splitting image of her. Meanwhile, Carol recruits Frank to be a hair stylist during a busy stretch.
40 18 Aloha (Part 1) Richard Correll Howard Adler & Robert Griffard February 19, 1993 447914
The Lamberts and Fosters travel to Hawaii, where a number of adventures take place: Carol wants to go on a whirlwind tour of the islands, the younger children enter a sand-castle building contest and Cody goes searching for lost treasure. Dana meets the man of her dreams, and a quick courtship may soon have the 17-year-old Foster girl walking to the altar when he presents her with a 6 carats (1,200 mg) solataire in a Tiffany setting.
41 19 Aloha (Part 2) Richard Correll Howard Adler & Robert Griffard February 26, 1993 447915
Dana considers eloping with her rich boyfriend from Hawaii when Carol objects to her plan to get married. They get into a huge quarrel, where it is brought out that Carol married when she was just 17 and that quickie romances rarely work out in the end (Dana reminds her mother that she married Frank and that they are still together). In the end, Dana and her boyfriend realize that they aren't right for each other and sadly part ways. Meanwhile, Cody and J.T. discover the real treasure (which in part was tied to a pretty Hawaiian girl J.T. was trying to pursue), while Al, Brendan and Mark win a helicopter tour of Hawaii, the result of their victory in the sand castle building contest.
42 20 No Way to Treat a Lady Richard Correll Bob Rosenfarb March 12, 1993 447919
J.T.'s new girlfriend, a brash biker babe, enlists Mark for advice on how to be more "lady-like." Meanwhile, Carol takes Al shopping for the 13-year-old's first bra, but Frank shows up uninvited and proceeds to embarrass his daughter. Al pulls him aside, and tells him that he is a great dad, but some things she is better off doing with Carol.
43 21 The Un-Natural Patrick Duffy Bob Rosenfarb April 2, 1993 447923
Al's Pony League baseball team reaches the championship game, when tragic news hits; One of the players suffers a season-ending injury. Coach Frank is forced to ask Mark — who is "not even good enough to be bad" — to join the team, and considers sitting him until the game is decided. However, the game is tight all the way and comes down to the final out. Out of substitutions, Frank has to allow Mark an at-bat. Mark is very nervous at first, and the crowd is furious that Frank put in Mark. He wants to go back to the bench, but Al threatens him with bodily harm if he doesn't go back to the bat. He gets two strikes, but he ends up getting a home-run, and wins the game. Also, Cody and JT bet that they can stay more awake than Karen and Dana.
44 22 The Psychic Joel Zwick Julia Newton April 30, 1993 447924
J.T. publishes an unflattering baby photo of Karen in the high school yearbook. Hell hath no fury like a Foster scorned, and she takes full advantage of J.T.'s worry that a brunette will stab him to death at the stroke of midnight. J.T. hadn't believed the news when the psychic had warned him, but Cody reinforces it by pointing out that everything the psychic said would happen before he died was happening. Meanwhile, Frank and Carol's new massaging bed provides them anything but a good night's sleep.

  • Note: Staci Keanan is not in this episode.
45 23 This Old House Richard Correll Howard Adler & Robert Griffard May 7, 1993 447922
When Frank hires Cody to demolish a house to make way for a new multi-million dollar office complex, Cody realizes he can't complete the assignment because the homeowners — unemployed parents of three children, who are unable to afford new housing or obtain new jobs — are still living inside. Frank is further thrown into a dilemma when Carol joins Cody in protesting the home's demolition ... and the financer of the office project threatens to sue Frank for breach of contract if the house demolition is not completed on deadline. Also, J.T becomes Al, Brendan and Mark's manager and forces them to lick envelopes.
46 24 Double Date Richard Correll Meredith Siler May 21, 1993 447921
Carol sets up Karen with Freddy, who is a 142 on Karen's grading scale. Karen, however, prefers Jeffrey (a 195). Despite disappointing Carol, Karen accepts a date with Jeffrey and dumps Freddy by lying to him. She sneaks out of the house to go with Jeff and they win Perfect Couple right after Freddy confronts Karen. She refuses the award and finishes the evening with Freddy. Meanwhile, Carol does not like the way Frank organizes his money. She tries to make him use a male purse, but he refuses. He concentrates his efforts on putting an alarm on Lucille because Cody had his stereo stolen out of it. The alarm was so good Frank got stuck in the van demonstrating it.
  • Note: Brandon Call is not in this episode, except for an additional scene.